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    Bags:/u Mono Speedy 30MC Wh. Speedy 30Cerise SpeedyDamier Speedy 30 (should be here anyday...just re-bought it..) ugh! BHEllipse PMPapillion 26Cite MM Vavin PMMono Poch. Access.MC Wh. Poch. Access.Baggy GM (Fuchsia) uAccessories:/u Sm. Ring agendaMono ipod coverMC Wh. wapityMono LudlowKey ring extender thingy for pochettes-----------LV: Birth of Modern Luxury Bk.-----------uThinking about/not sure list:/u Pop H.PTI wallet i

     m47544 Im a huge fan of handheld bags. The speedy has never bothered me with the sag because I see it as a casual bag. If I wanted to look more put together, then id go with a more structured bag like the Alma. 

    vuitton wallet i need to find a man who will buy me lv!! hes a keeper!


    As long as you get it authenticated, go for it!Dustbags, cards and receipts do NOT prove anything. There are always scandalous people that sell fake bags with real receipts.A piece of paper and a dustbag and a tag does NOT make the bag itself real. The bag's authenticity speaks for itself and nothing else.GL and I hope it works out!!! louis vuitton vuitton


    Congrats! What a find!

     m56702 with the straps. But if you have a shoulder bag already without!! 

    he sc leather is not pebbly like clemence but I feel that the slouch and weight is quite similar. However different batches of leather may differ slightly for cl


    m95796 Yes I probably will. G-d willing.I need to see pics of all pieces to decide.


    Love them and the pop of color! Stockings wholesale

     very pretty! i need one of those in my life. congrats! Louis Vuitton Shop Very nice! Congrats and Happy Birthday! LV Purses.