• TITC2015 Times Schedule
  • TITC 2015 Classes 1.Jr. Class (Jr.) 2.Formula One (F1) 3.Brushless No Boost Class (NOBL) 4.Open Brushless Class (OBL) 5. Modified Class (MO)
  • Non Boost Class and Formula ClassOnly original capacity is allowed....more
  • All tires must be purchased from TITC organisers and must receive a specific marking number.
  • Organizer prepare Tire Additive(NASA Mighty Grip) free of charge for all drivers.
  • Date : 25 Feb 2015 (Wed) Control Practice 26 Feb 2015 (Thu) Control Practice 27 Feb 2015 (Fri) Qualify 28 Feb 2015 (Sat) Qualify 01 Mar 2015 (Sun) Final
  • 1) Junior Stock \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"No Boost\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" 17.5T Class. Exclusively reserved for young drivers not over 15 year old. Not over is years when 1 January.2015 Motor and ESC will be handed out to all drivers by the Race Organizers. 2) Touring Car “Non Boost” 13.5 Class 3) Formula One Class 4) Touring Car Stock “Open B/L” 13.5 Class 5) Touring Car Modified Class
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